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We offer a range of services to match your business' needs

We can customize services to your needs

We can customize your service needs


Our strategically located facilities allow us to offer custom repackaging and labeling quickly and cost-effectively. Packing into bags, jugs, buckets, cartons, pails, sacks or supersacks and other custom containers.


We provide blending based on each customer's own formulations and specifications. We maintain this commitment through quality workmanship, honesty and integrity.

Drop Shipping

Our logistics experts can navigate the complex global shipping networks to optimize route and cost, dropshipping your products to anywhere in the world.

Full Services List


Repacking services from CMR offer the highest-level of confidence to ensure safety and confidentiality.

1. Labeling
2. Sealing
3. Dispensing
- Vacuum packing
- Heat sealing
- Crimping
- Argon blanketing
- Nitrogen blanketing
- Oxygen-free
- Moisture control
- Desiccants
4. Visual Inspection
5. Quality Inspection
6. Relabelling
7. Manual assembly
8. Full turn-key packaging
9. Replacement of product packaging
10. Repacking damaged boxes
11. Language and country specific packaging
12. Bill of Material based Assembly
13. Co-packing                             


Fulfillment services offer a turn-key solution and reasonable business process outsourcing.

1. Shipping & Handling
2. Logistics
- Freight Management
- Return Logistics
- Freight Network Optimization
- Cross-docking
- Freight Settlement
3. Boxing
4. Crating
5. E-commerce fulfillment (eBay, amazon, etc)
6. Warehousing
- Inbound and outbound storage
- Defect Inspection
- Registration into inventory
- Unloading and Palletizing
7. Dropshipping
8. Nation-wide short or long term storage outsourcing

Material Procurement Lifecycle

1. Strategic vetting
2. Extensive market suppliers
3. Identification of need and requirements analysis
4. External macrolevel market analysis
5. Cost analysis
6. Supplier identification
7. Non-disclosure agreements
8. Supplier communcication
9. Negotiation and contracting
10. Logistics and performance management
11. Supplier management and liaison
12. Direct raw material sourcing, or we can work with your vendors

Custom Services

1. Basic blending and mixing
2. Confidentiality agreement-based processes
3. Access to vendor consultants and formulators
4. Certificate of analysis
5. Small volume, prototype specialists
6. Market tests, pilot projects
7. Highly secure systems and records management exceeding such standards as HIPAA and PCI.
8. Prototypes
9. Pre-assembly and repackaging of assembled products in ruggedized containers for weather and industrial environments
10. Dangerous goods shipping and handling capabilities
11. Small batch, multi variation, test phase, fulfilment and logistics.
12. Toll manufacturing
13. Non-Reactive chemical compounding
14. Granulation and Grinding
15. Quality Assurance
16. Technical Support



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Airport Business Park
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Phone: +1 (226) 777 8288